Are you looking for an ambulance for sale? When you make your search for ambulances for sale online you are likely to come across new ambulances for sale as well as used ambulances for sale. Many customers find it difficult to decide whether they should go for a brand new ambulance or should settle with a used ambulance. If you too are facing such a dilemma, here are few important factors that you should consider while making your decision.
One of the major factors that is likely to control your decision here is the budget you have. There will be a considerable difference in cost between new ambulance and used ambulance. However there is nothing wrong in considering used ambulances even when you have enough budget for a new ambulance. Why should you spend more money on something if you can have all your needs met at a much lesser price? So do keep your options open.
If you have very limited budget but you cannot wait or postpone your need on ambulance, then going for the used ambulance is the best option. At times, you will find almost brand new ambulances or scarcely used ambulances at a great price just because they are not brand new anymore. One of the challenges with regard to buying used ambulances is the availability of an ambulance that fits your requirements when you are in need of one. As you have no control over this factor, you just need to count on your luck to find a used ambulance that fits your requirements. This is not the case with buying a brand new ambulance; if you have the right budget you just need to pick your ambulance without having to worry about availability along as the model you are choosing is still on the roll.
Rather than running individual search queries in the search engines identifying a dependable online directory such as will give you access to all the latest listings of used ambulances. This will help you identify what you need within a short time without having to spend a lot of time in making your searches. Such directories are highly helpful especially when you are looking for used ambulances. You will be able to find all the latest listings in one place. Very often customers are forced to look for brand new ambulances just because they do not know where to find used ambulances that fit their requirements within a short period.
When you are considering buying a used ambulance you will have to check on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle so that your on-going costs are under control. You should also check whether the used ambulance will require any immediate repair or servicing before you can actually put the vehicle on road. Such expenses should also be taken into consideration while calculating the expenses. Only based on such calculations you should decide whether to go for a new ambulance or a used ambulance.

Numerous searches are made everyday by customers that are interested in buying ambulances, rescue vehicles and EMS supplies. Before the advent of the internet customers had to search for dealers that sold ambulances and rescue vehicles in Yellow Pages and other local business directories. The process was a tedious and time consuming one because customers had to find the right dealers that sold the required ambulances and rescue vehicles. Then came the internet era after which customers are able to search for ambulance for sale ads right from their desk using the internet search tools. Though the internet simplified the entire process of finding the right ambulances and rescue vehicles lot faster, people still had to spend a lot of time in visiting multiple websites in an effort to find the best ambulance that fit their requirements and their budget.
When you make a query online using search strings such as “ambulance for sale” or “used ambulance” you are likely to come across numerous ads. You need to however spend a considerable amount of time visiting each link and sending your enquiries to various companies and dealers. In case you are searching for used ambulance then you may be able to find what you are looking for that readily. You may have to spend lot more time in making your searches. Though internet search helps you find all the information you need right from your desk, you need to make sure that you find the right sources. This is the trickiest part while trying to identify the best resource on the internet for used and new ambulance for sale.
One of the ways of making your search process faster and easier is to find directories such as Ambulance Market, which allow dealers and ambulance owners to list their ambulance. Finding such resources will make things lot easier. You will be able to save yourself from hours of tedious searches and find the best ambulance for sale in just few clicks. You need not have to visit numerous websites or make multiple queries in various websites.
When you are searching for used or new ambulances for sale online, you need to check whether the online source that you are using is a reliable source. You should find genuine listings so that you do not waste your time on dubious ads. Online search for used or new ambulances will also aid you in easy price comparison. This is much easier than visiting various dealers and getting quotes from them. Price comparison of new and used ambulance is also lot easier when you make online searches.
In case you are searching for used ambulance, you should make sure to double check the condition of the used ambulance and whether it will require any repair work before you can actually use them. When you are choosing used ambulances you should also check whether your ambulance will be delivered to you in usable condition, fully serviced by your dealer before delivery.

Demand for used ambulances has been increasing for the last few years and their availability and their presence in automobile market these days is noticed like never before. Their growth in demand can be seen by the increase in the number of places where you can purchase them. You can purchase a new ambulance or a used ambulance. Purchasing a used ambulanced for sale is highly favored by many and this is because it offers a cheap option and therefore one is guaranteed of having value for money. Despite buying the used ambulance for sale at low prices, you also gain from quality services just like the ones offered by new ambulances.
The process of purchasing a used ambulance for sale is however more complicated than purchasing a new ambulance. The process involves certain steps that must be undertaken to ensure the ambulance is able to offer the needed services and last for some considerable time. The first step is to ensure you are familiar with all insurance models and this will help you know what ambulance you really need. There are various types of insurance available in the market and some include type I, II, III, mini models, rescue and conversions among others. Therefore, having prior information about used ambulances for sale available will help you save time and effort searching for what you want.
You can look for information on used ambulance for sale models from the internet to familiarize yourself with what each model is capable of and has. The second tip to help you purchase a used ambulance for sale is to have a fixed budget. Deciding in advance how much money you are willing to spend will give you a target base and hence narrow your search to be more specific. It will also act as a measure to limit the money you want to spend otherwise you might end up spending more money than you really intended.
Your budget for a used ambulance for sale should be flexible to accommodate extra money required for maintenance and repairs of the ambulance. This is because since the ambulance is not new there might be dents that need to be repaired, or change the customized colors of the previous owner to fit your organizations colors. The other important step in buying a used ambulanced for sale is to decide where you want to buy it from. There are various market options available and the leading places include online, traders of used automobiles, newspaper classifieds or from auctioneers.
Every market place has its own importance and risks and therefore, it is important you read any unique article about how and where to buy used ambulances for sale. However, despite its risks, the internet is the most effective and frequented place to buy a used ambulance for sale. The other effective trick you should look for is the features of ambulance. If features are not available, you should enquire if they can be included otherwise you should continue looking for the perfect used ambulance for sale. The last activity is to undertake thorough examination of the ambulance to determine its usefulness to you.

Every Friday at the Ambulance Market blog, we round up the best of the EMS Blogs.  Of course this is highly subjective and by “best” we mean: what posts got us and the community talking. If I have missed something, add it to the comments and keep the discussion going.

Over at Jeramedic, Jeremiah is talking about language barriers. More specifically, how to handle Spanish-speaking patients. Looking to bystanders is an option, but then the patient’s information is not exactly confidential. Taking a few Spanish classes is probably the best idea, but time and budget constraints may prevent that. Jeramedic cites a 2007 Census Bureau report that concludes the U.S. is the 5th largest Spanish-speaking country behind Mexico, Spain, Colombia, and Argentina. As a quick and effective tool, Jeramedic is suggesting the EMSpanol, an EMS field translating system. He say it’s best one he’s come across.

Are you an EMS blogging newbie? Well, this week Medic 510 wrote a post just for you: a Twitter cheat sheet. Sure, Twitter is not for everyone, but he gives you a few good reasons, as a blogger and more specifically as a member for the EMS community, to spend some of your time tweeting.

I don’t know how I missed this, but last month Life Under the Lights wrote a post challenging Medicare to see EMS as more than a transportation provider. He passionately outlines his case:

Medicare has determined that the only way they can be responsible with our tax money is to deny as many payments as possible and to only pay for the bare minimum that they feel is important. That’s why ambulance services are “Transportation providers” in their eyes.

Chris even shares with readers a .PDF he came across on what Medicare WILL and WILL NOT pay for. Then he goes on to imagine the possibilities of community Paramedicine if Medicare supported it:

I see additional revenue streams that would come into our industry and improve the profession, strengthen our patient care, and save the healthcare system a boatload of money while improving access to primary healthcare. I see paramedics and EMTs not being taxi drivers. I see a real career and a bigger impact upon the overall health of our communities. I see more fiscal responsibility. I see lots of great potential.

Awhile back, we wrote about the frightening troubles in Detroit EMS. Dave over at the Social Medic is covering the news that Detroit is still a mess. According to local news stations, ambulances were not available for shooting victims. Here’s the news report:

Happy reading!

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Who knew that going green could break the bank? That’s exactly what’s happening the Coachella Valley of California. More specifically, Palm Desert has been at the forefront of alternative fuel and ambulances for awhile now. They were the first ones to put the country’s first compressed natural gas (CNG)  ambulance on the road last year. However, the city is drowning in repair bills because they can’t find anyone to fix their alternative fuel vehicles locally. In an effort to cut their loses, the city is spending even more money — $78,000 to be exact — to have the rear compartment of their CNG ambulance put onto a clean-diesel chassis.

According to the city, the switch is due, in large part, to the ambulance’s inability to go the distance. Quite literally. The ambulance, which cost $186,175, is only averaging 82 miles to 136 miles per tank; with the range decreasing even further in warmer weather. Riverside County and federal requirements stipulate that ambulances must be able to travel 250 miles before refueling.

The Desert Sun cites an internal memo from Division Chief Dorian Cooley showing the city never told ambulance manufacturer, BAF Technologies, how far the ambulance was required to travel before refueling.

In addition to the town’s CNG ambulance problems, they also purchased a bucket truck that cannot be fixed locally. The $131,000 truck was purchased in 2009 and converted for use with alternative fuels at a cost of an additional $19,000. But the truck continues to break down from propane making its way into the water line. The truck was successfully fixed in January to only break down, again, on a freeway in February. At this point, it is still unusable.

The city, however, does not plan to turns it back on alternative fuel. ” I don’t think you’ll be seeing a lot of gas-powered cars on the streets in the near future, ” said Mayor Pro Tem Bob Spiegel.
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What makes this heartwarming story weird is that little Emily Lane has saved her mother’s life twice. On April 4th, Emily listened to what her father has been telling his daughters for quite some time: if there’s an emergency, call 911.

After waking up to the noise of “stuff falling” followed by a “weird sound,” Emily went into the living and discovered her mother, who has had two heart transplants, unconscious on the floor. While moving closer to her mother, she found that her shallow breathing seemed to have stopped.

That’s when the ten year-old began CPR.

Coincidentally, Emily’s father is a longtime volunteer firefighter and a current Battalion Chief with the local fire department. She began what she has seen her father d0: pushing on the chest three times and breathing air into the patient’s mouth. As Emily performed CPR, her mother began to breathe on her own. At this time, the girl called 911.

Dispatchers said Emily was “cool as a cucumber” and even pointed out roadside landmarks to make the trip faster for EMS staff.

This is not the first time Emily has come to the rescue. At the tender age of three, her mother fell unconscious as her first heart transplant began to fail.

Emily recently told her father she wants to take a CPR class.

Doctors are still unsure why, Kim, Emily’s mother had this most recent episode. She is, however, stable and able to sit up and talk with her family.

For more, read the rest of the story via News Times.

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So far this week, Pittsburgh has dominated EMS news. Yesterday we wrote about a federal judge gutting a lawsuit against paramedics, and today the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the region’s ambulance services are struggling financially.

The newspaper quotes Thomas J. McElree, executive director and general counsel for the Emergency Medical Service Institute in Robinson, saying, among other things, that 80% of the 170 licensed ambulance providers in southwestern Pennsylvania are struggling financially. He contends there is no evidence that the financial duress has affected response times:

There’s no clear evidence yet that the ambulance services’ financial struggles are affecting response times. Has that hurt patience care? At some level, the answer has to be ‘yes.’”

Many in the Pittsburgh EMS community are pointing to a change in Medicare reimbursements in 2006 for the diminished cash flow. The change established a set fee schedule for ambulance transport instead of reimbursing providers for actual cost of transport. Moreover, communities with a high percentage of Medicare  and medical assistance patients were adversely affected.

The fee schedule also stipulates that payment is received only when a transport occurs. However, 25% of calls end without transporting a patient.

In addition to dwindling revenue, the Medicare payment structure creates pressure on staff to transport a patient whether it’s needed or not. Municipalities are required by state law to provide ambulance service, yet the number of providers has shrunk by half in 15 years. The amount of emergency and nonemergency calls, however, remains the same at 500,000.

Non-profit groups and local municipalities are being asked to financially support ambulance services by Pittsburgh’s City Controller.

Mr. McElree finished by telling the newspaper that Pittsburgh EMS has not reached a crisis mode, yet. But with diminishing funds, he worries providers will run their ambulances longer with less staff and wait even  longer to update equipment, “I don’t want the EMS system to wait until it crashes before we look at it,” he said.


A federal judge in Pittsburgh gutted a lawsuit filed by the family of a man who died at home despite having made 10 calls to 911 during a record-breaking snowstorm.

Curtis Mitchell died February 2010 from heart disease complicated by a fatty liver after three ambulances failed to reach his home. Paramedics had refused to walk to Mitchell during the snowstorm and suggested he take a bus. Mitchell’s surviving adult children sued last year claiming his civil rights were violated after enduring hours of pain and suffering while waiting for the  help that might have saved his life. Additionally the lawsuit claims Mitchell’s right to due process was robbed.

One city paramedic was fired, although a recent labor arbitrator has since ordered her to be reinstated, and three others were suspended over their failed response.

In a ruling last Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Gary Lancaster, dismissed all federal claims in the lawsuit. Agreeing with Pittsburgh city attorneys, Lancaster ruled that:

the government cannot take life, liberty or property without due process but that the due process clause itself is not … a guarantee of certain minimal levels of safety and security.

The Mitchell’s attorney told the Washington Post that Lancaster’s ruling “gutted” the lawsuit because the city can now claim immunity to many of the suit’s additional claims and that individual paramedics and other safety officials do not have “deep enough pockets to make it worthwhile.”

Read the rest of the story here.

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Every Friday at the Ambulance Market blog, we round up the best of the EMS Blogs.  Of course this is highly subjective and by “best” we mean: what posts got us and the community talking. If I have missed something, add it to the comments and keep the discussion going.

This week the EMS community rallied around Brian Stow, the Santa Cruz paramedic who was beaten by two unidentified men at Dodger stadium for wearing San Fransisco Giants gear. He is the father of two small children and remains in the hospital with brain trauma. The vast majority of EMS bloggers have rallied to support the Stow family. A blog has been set up that details upcoming fundraiser dates and to take Paypal donations.

Transitioning from tragic news, Ambulance Junkie wrote about autonomy vs. leadership. I love his analogy of children gradually learning what shapes fit where to describe the ways in which providers manage “Type-A” personalities. Now, that’s not saying that providers are children; the emphasis  is on the shapes. AJ asks, how do you manage highly-motivated, educated, and take-charge personnel into cohesive crews? And more importantly, how do you manage without providers feeling like they are being strangled by direct oversight? AJ concludes:

This will be one of the biggest hurdles EMS management and EMS training has to accomplish in the very near future.

Over at the the Social Medic, Dave gave a few tips to increase your blog’s readership. His tips are useful to blogging newbies who are just starting out. Consider it as a check list of definites: create a Facebook fan page, you should be tweeting, read and comment on other blogs, and, numero uno, post on a consistent basis. I would like to add one of my own: your voice is unique, so use it by injecting a little personality.

What’s not to love about tips? Greg Friese is the master of them and here’s his round-up of most-trafficked March posts at Everyday EMS Tips.

Scott from MedicsBK, and EMS 2.0 pin creator, shares an a-ha moment where he realizes — through a phone call with a government official — that, yes, people from all over the world are taking notice and doing their part to create progress and unity:

It just goes to the show that it’s the little things like a pin, or an idea that can help take a huge step towards fixing things.  It all starts with just one person, one thought, one concept [. . . ] I didn’t know if it would actually go anywhere.  Now a year later, I’ve sold almost 350 of them.  I’ve seen patches, tattoo ideas, and even a photo from the Philippians with that half-red, half-blue star of life.

Ambulance Driver, always one to bring a smile to my blog-reading experience, is challenging other EMT bloggers/readers to shed some pounds with him. While I’m not the female equivalent of AD, I could stand to lose a few or . . . 50, I’ve been following his weight loss progress and he’s shrinking. Alright, I really need jump on this: ambulance vs. the driver.

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St. Louis (KSDK) – A St. Louis Fire Department paramedic is accused of having sex numerous times with an Arnold teen he met through Facebook.

Jefferson County prosecutors charged Noah Bledsoe with three counts of second-degree statutory sodomy by Jefferson County prosecutors.

Prosecutors also charged Bledsoe with second-degree sexual misconduct and one count of supplying liquor to a minor or intoxicated person.

Court documents said the charges against Bledsoe are related to incidents on December 1, 2010 and two incidents on February 1, 2011.

The teen told investigators Bledsoe allegedly came to his family home in Arnold on several occassions and went into his bedroom where he was fondled. Bledsoe also is accused of bringing tequila and Jagermeister for him to drink.

Court documents said the teen introduced Bledose to his parents and sister as a friend of another friend.

The 16 year old’s father says bledsoe told them he had a girlfriend and says Bledsoe claimed to be 24 when he was actually 31.

The father said several things raised suspicions about Bledsoe but they trusted him based on his job and the information they were being told.

The family said they started questioning Bledsoe about things such as why he wanted to hang out with their son and why they never met his girlfriend. The father said once things started to not add up… they immediately contacted police.

Bledsoe has been forced to leave his job pending the outcome of the investigation, according to a fire department spokesman.

The investigation is being conducted by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

The teens father said he is angry and wants Bledsoe to get whatever punishment the law allows.

The victim’s father also said he doesn’t hate Bledsoe but said he hopes he will get help.


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