What are EMS Supplies?

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Supplies refer to the medical grade products, equipment and devices that help in better patient management at the time of emergency, which can be understood as the period during which a patient who is either seriously ill or injured approaches a medical facility or a doctor. In the interim, the patient requires immediate basic treatment in order to prevent further damage and stabilization of the patient’s body. You don’t need to be medically qualified to use EMS supplies for the immediate need of the patient. All you need is some common sense and a little knowledge about these supplies for their effective use.

Kinds of EMS Supplies

EMS supplies are available under multiple categories. For instance:

1. Wound Care: These EMS supplies are meant for the injured patients who require some remedial action before the doctor gets to treat the injury. Under this category of EMS supplies, you have different types of bandages, wound cleansers, wound dressings, wound pads, gauze sponges, dressing trays, wound closure strips, etc.

2. Splints: These EMS supplies are used, when the injured body part is a bone, joint or muscle. You need to stabilize the damaged body part in such cases and splints are ideal to handle all emergency situations that involve any injury to these body parts. Splints come in different shapes and designs, like shoulder immobilizers, forearm splint, wrist splint, finger splint, slings, cervical collars, etc.

3. Stretchers: These EMS supplies are usually found in a medical care facility, like a hospital, where the patients need to be transported in a secure resting place from the gates to the medical room. Under this category of EMS supplies, you’ll find different kinds of stretchers, including pillowcase, drape sheet, blanket, disposable sheets, etc.

4. Personal Protection: While attending emergency patients, it is very important to protect yourself with personal protection supplies in order to prevent transmission of infection to and from the patient. Personal Protection EMS supplies include different kinds of gloves, face masks, disinfectants, etc.

5. Diagnostic Supplies: Sometimes even in an emergency situation, you need to diagnose a patient before giving the requisite basic treatment. The diagnostic supplies include stethoscope, blood pressure monitors (like sphygmomanometers), etc.

6. Hygiene Supplies: Maintaining proper hygiene for basic treatment of the patient is a vital part of patient care management. These EMS supplies include hand sanitizers, towels, etc.

7. First Aid Kits: Well equipped first aid kits are indispensable for any family. The kit is your first go-to destination in case of a medical emergency.


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