Ambulance Manufacturers are the companies and firms involved in designing and making different types of ambulances for different requirements. These manufacturers offer Type I, II and III vehicles for emergency situations. Some of these vehicles can also assist the medical and paramedical staff in handling non-emergency situations too where proper care is required to transport the individual to the medical facility. Generally, ambulance manufacturers have medically trained personnel working for them in order to equip their vehicles with the latest and appropriate machines and gadgets that are usually required to handle an emergency situation.

Some of the Leading Ambulance Manufacturers in the US

There is a gamut of ambulance manufacturers in the US. So, it won’t be possible to discuss all of them. The following paragraphs generally give an overview of some of the top players in the industry:

1. Medtec Ambulance Corporation: Medtec is a leading name among ambulance manufacturers in the US. Based in Florida, Medtec is a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation Company and specializes in manufacturing custom ambulance vehicles. With a strong dealers’ presence all across the country, Medtec Ambulance Corporation is one of the trusted names among medical professionals in the US.

2. American Emergency Vehicles (AEV): This North Carolina based ambulance manufacturer is widely regarded as one of the best in the country with Ford Motor Company Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) certification. Most of the components used in the manufacture of ambulances are manufactured in their facility and the purchased assemblies are made to undergo rigorous testing before getting a go-ahead from their engineers and technicians.

3. McCoy Miller: The ambulances and light rescue vehicles manufactured by Indiana based McCoy Miller, LLC are popular due to their gas and diesel variants, which offer flexibility for the buyers to make purchases accordingly.

4. Wheeled Coach Industries: Being the largest ambulance manufacturer in the US, Florida based Wheeled Coach Industries manufacture ambulances with several cutting-edge features, like:
• SafePASS Safety System, which features specially-designed door handles and an emergency direct release tab for exit in case of an accident.
• DuraSeam Door System, which incorporates the door jamb into the one piece seamless side skin that eliminates the jamb extrusion.
• DuraLite Cabinet Systems for extra durability and stability for the ambulances.
• Corner Cap Lighting System, which offers a 360° lighting coverage protecting DOT marker lights.
• EnterSafe Top, which is the only 45° lighting system in ambulance industry. It improves visibility for Type II vehicle users.

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