Unfortunately, ambulance vehicles meet with accidents like other cars. Numerous stories about ambulance crash deaths appear every year pointing out the problem. Art Hsieh, Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Paramedic Association is convinced that there are several simple things that must be taken into consideration if we want to improve ambulance driving safety.
1. Drivers must be aware of the fact that new or used ambulance vehicle can be heavy, more difficult to control and more unstable than a usual car.
2. Make sure that all the seatbelts are in good order and use them when it is possible.
3. Vehicle manufacturers should develop the solution that can make it easier to buckle up. Thus the staff will have the possibility to remain restrained even when they are working on a patient.
4. Employers shouldn’t cut costs by decreasing salaries of ambulance drivers.
Art Hsieh notes that tragic stories will continue until we take appropriate measures and change our attitude to the matter.


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