Attendance at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl hovers near 100,000. Providing quick emergency medical care has proven somewhat difficult with a traditional ambulance, which is why Pasadena Fire Department seems thrilled with the new low-cost, high tech arrival of an ambulance that — at first glance — seems more golf cart than emergency vehicle.

According to the Pasadena Star-News the $28,000 gas-powered vehicle, a carryall, was partly funded by DeWitt Stern, a private insurance brokerage and risk management firm, which donated $15,000.

The fire department’s general fund made up the difference.

Cpt. Sean English said, “We’ll be able to drive over curves and park in the golf course, it can go where ambulances and fire trucks can’t.”

In a traditional ambulance, navigating through crowds that number in the tens of thousands is an obstacle course of patience, wasting critical life-saving time. According to fire officials, the carryall cuts response time and gives the best possible chance of “hopefully saving some lives.”

DeWitt Stern, in conjunction with the Fireman’s Fund Insurance, worked to award the funds to the fire department. Over the years, the company has donated more than $20 million to projects nationwide and $8 million in California.

Before the vehicle hits next year’s Rose Bowl or any other large public event, the carryall needs to be outfitted. Kevin Costa, deputy fire chief, said the department would like to purchase two more vehicles with the help of a new donor.


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