What is a Diesel Ambulance?

A Diesel Ambulance refers to the medical grade vehicle, which runs on diesel, and used to ferry patients in an emergency situation. As its name suggests, a diesel ambulance is a fully equipped ambulance that uses diesel as its powering fuel, unlike its gas counterparts, which can be a little expensive to run. You can find diesel ambulances in almost every medical care facility. Usually, they are the first to arrive on the accident scene and the patient is carefully eased into it by the paramedical staff after taking all the necessary precautions.

Kinds of Diesel Ambulance Supplies

Typically, a diesel ambulance is equipped with multiple supplies. The accepted standard of patient care requires the diesel ambulances to be well-equipped with medical supplies; however, the exact requirements will vary and depend on the certification levels of the providers, geographic, demographic and economic conditions of the region. The list includes:

1. Basic Life Support: It includes:

Ventilation and airway equipment, like suction apparatus, portable oxygen apparatus, portable and fixed oxygen supply equipment, oxygen administration equipment (like tubing length, nasal cannulas, etc.), bag-valve mask, nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, pulse oximeter, saline drops, etc.
Monitoring and Defibrillation equipment, like Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Immobilization Devices, like cervical collars, head immobilizers, traction devices, impervious backboards, etc.
Bandages, Dressings, Gauze Rolls, Occlusive Dressing, Adhesive Tape, etc.
Two-way communication device between EMS provider, dispatcher and medical control
Obstetrical Kit, including towels, thermal absorbent blankets, aluminum foil roll, etc.
Stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, thermometer, cold packs, heavy bandage, scissors, sterile saline solution, flashlights with 2 extra batteries, disposable urinal, disposable bags or basin, disposable bedpan, folding stretcher, wheeled cot, stair chair, lubricating jelly, patient care charts, etc.
Infection Control equipment, like gloves, glasses/goggles, surgical masks, shoe covers, gowns, hand sanitizer, disinfectant solution, disposable trash bags, etc.
Injury Protection Equipment, like helmets, fire extinguisher, hazardous material reference guide, traffic signaling devices, reflective safety-wear for all crew members, etc.

2. Advanced Life Support: It includes all the basic life support equipment as well as the following list:

Ventilation and airway equipment, like laryngoscope handle, blades, endotracheal tubes, Magill forceps, Stylettes, Meconium aspirator adaptor, End-tidal CO2 detection capability, etc.
Vascular Access, like antiseptic solution, IV pole, crystalloid solutions, IV catheters, venous tourniquet, syringes, needles, IV administration sets, etc.
Cardiac Equipment, like portable battery operated monitor/defibrillator, transcutaneous cardiac pacemaker, cardiovascular medication, etc.
Other Advanced Equipment, like nebulizer, glucometer, etc.


What are EMS Supplies?

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Supplies refer to the medical grade products, equipment and devices that help in better patient management at the time of emergency, which can be understood as the period during which a patient who is either seriously ill or injured approaches a medical facility or a doctor. In the interim, the patient requires immediate basic treatment in order to prevent further damage and stabilization of the patient’s body. You don’t need to be medically qualified to use EMS supplies for the immediate need of the patient. All you need is some common sense and a little knowledge about these supplies for their effective use.

Kinds of EMS Supplies

EMS supplies are available under multiple categories. For instance:

1. Wound Care: These EMS supplies are meant for the injured patients who require some remedial action before the doctor gets to treat the injury. Under this category of EMS supplies, you have different types of bandages, wound cleansers, wound dressings, wound pads, gauze sponges, dressing trays, wound closure strips, etc.

2. Splints: These EMS supplies are used, when the injured body part is a bone, joint or muscle. You need to stabilize the damaged body part in such cases and splints are ideal to handle all emergency situations that involve any injury to these body parts. Splints come in different shapes and designs, like shoulder immobilizers, forearm splint, wrist splint, finger splint, slings, cervical collars, etc.

3. Stretchers: These EMS supplies are usually found in a medical care facility, like a hospital, where the patients need to be transported in a secure resting place from the gates to the medical room. Under this category of EMS supplies, you’ll find different kinds of stretchers, including pillowcase, drape sheet, blanket, disposable sheets, etc.

4. Personal Protection: While attending emergency patients, it is very important to protect yourself with personal protection supplies in order to prevent transmission of infection to and from the patient. Personal Protection EMS supplies include different kinds of gloves, face masks, disinfectants, etc.

5. Diagnostic Supplies: Sometimes even in an emergency situation, you need to diagnose a patient before giving the requisite basic treatment. The diagnostic supplies include stethoscope, blood pressure monitors (like sphygmomanometers), etc.

6. Hygiene Supplies: Maintaining proper hygiene for basic treatment of the patient is a vital part of patient care management. These EMS supplies include hand sanitizers, towels, etc.

7. First Aid Kits: Well equipped first aid kits are indispensable for any family. The kit is your first go-to destination in case of a medical emergency.


What are Ambulance Services?

Ambulance Services refer to the medical transportation services that are pressed into service in case the patients/injured individuals require movement from one location to another under strict supervision of the medical or paramedical staff. Typically, ambulance services are one of the emergency services that are called upon in case of accidents or sudden onset of an emergency condition where the patient requires immediate transportation to a medical facility under the supervision of trained paramedical personnel. Since ambulances are, generally, very well equipped with essential and necessary medical equipment, they are usually preferred over any private vehicle, unless of course, the ambulance services are inaccessible or the patient’s condition is critical and the wait for ambulance could be too long.

The ambulance services are usually registered with local jurisdiction and are specifically permitted to run such services for the general public. Most ambulance services also require that their drivers must have a spotless driving record and have sufficient experience in working for emergency services where time is of essence and the safety of the vehicle is paramount.

Functions of Ambulance Services

1. The most important function of the ambulance services is to transport the patient without any further damage from the scene of accident/injury to a medical care facility.

2. Sometime, the ambulance services are also called in to transport the patient from one medical care facility to another in case specialized treatment, as required by the patient, is not available in the former.

3. The ambulance services also ensure that the patient remains stable in the ambulance by the presence of medical or paramedical staff in the ambulance.

4. Sometimes, ambulance services are also availed of by the patients, when discharged from the hospital. They may be prescribed complete bed rest at home. So, the journey between hospital and the home is made comfortable by the ambulance services. Right till the time the patient’s responsibility is transferred to the caregiver, the ambulance crew remains in charge of the patient and responsible for his/her stability.

5. Air ambulance services are also gaining popularity in case of patients and/or the medical care facilities are located at a considerable distance that is not viable for road ambulances to cover. Some air ambulance services also operate internationally and provide the emergency and quick transportation services for the ailing and injured to a medical care facility that is well equipped to look after their condition.


Ambulance Manufacturers are the companies and firms involved in designing and making different types of ambulances for different requirements. These manufacturers offer Type I, II and III vehicles for emergency situations. Some of these vehicles can also assist the medical and paramedical staff in handling non-emergency situations too where proper care is required to transport the individual to the medical facility. Generally, ambulance manufacturers have medically trained personnel working for them in order to equip their vehicles with the latest and appropriate machines and gadgets that are usually required to handle an emergency situation.

Some of the Leading Ambulance Manufacturers in the US

There is a gamut of ambulance manufacturers in the US. So, it won’t be possible to discuss all of them. The following paragraphs generally give an overview of some of the top players in the industry:

1. Medtec Ambulance Corporation: Medtec is a leading name among ambulance manufacturers in the US. Based in Florida, Medtec is a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation Company and specializes in manufacturing custom ambulance vehicles. With a strong dealers’ presence all across the country, Medtec Ambulance Corporation is one of the trusted names among medical professionals in the US.

2. American Emergency Vehicles (AEV): This North Carolina based ambulance manufacturer is widely regarded as one of the best in the country with Ford Motor Company Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) certification. Most of the components used in the manufacture of ambulances are manufactured in their facility and the purchased assemblies are made to undergo rigorous testing before getting a go-ahead from their engineers and technicians.

3. McCoy Miller: The ambulances and light rescue vehicles manufactured by Indiana based McCoy Miller, LLC are popular due to their gas and diesel variants, which offer flexibility for the buyers to make purchases accordingly.

4. Wheeled Coach Industries: Being the largest ambulance manufacturer in the US, Florida based Wheeled Coach Industries manufacture ambulances with several cutting-edge features, like:
• SafePASS Safety System, which features specially-designed door handles and an emergency direct release tab for exit in case of an accident.
• DuraSeam Door System, which incorporates the door jamb into the one piece seamless side skin that eliminates the jamb extrusion.
• DuraLite Cabinet Systems for extra durability and stability for the ambulances.
• Corner Cap Lighting System, which offers a 360° lighting coverage protecting DOT marker lights.
• EnterSafe Top, which is the only 45° lighting system in ambulance industry. It improves visibility for Type II vehicle users.

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Ambulance Dealers are the firms or companies or proprietors who sell ambulances for profit. It’s their business to sell the ambulances and make a living out of it. The ambulance dealers are contracted by the ambulance manufacturers to sell their ambulances to the hospitals, charitable organizations, or anyone looking to buy ambulances. Generally, the dealerships are given for specific cities, states or regions, depending on the demand of ambulances. The ambulance dealers can have presence in one city/area or have dealerships at multiple locations in the country. You just need to locate the nearest ambulance dealer to buy one, after deciding the brand you want.

What to Look for in an Ambulance Dealer Before Buying?

If you scout the Internet or your local yellow pages for ambulance dealers in your area, you’ll surely come across few with loyalties to different brands. However, once you’ve zeroed in on the brand you want, it is very important to select the right dealer. Here are some tips that will help you in deciding the right dealer for your ambulance purchases:

1. Firstly, if possible, schedule your ambulance purchases to year-end when most ambulance dealers will offer handsome discounts and freebies on their sales. As far as possible, avoid buying ambulances during the year when ambulance dealers are reluctant to even talk about discounts.

2. No matter what time of the year you buy, always negotiate with the ambulance dealers. If he is uncompromising on price, try to extract some freebies, like additional insurance cover, added equipment, etc. You should not be reluctant while negotiating with the ambulance dealers. At the end of the day, it’s your hard-earned money and you should look to save as much as possible.

3. Before buying, you must verify that the dealer is in fact authorized to sell the brand’s ambulances. Sometimes, it may happen that the company has withdrawn its dealership or the dealership has been expired, but the dealer still continues to sell the ambulances in order to clear the stock. He may offer handsome discounts and other freebies to attract as many customers as possible. However, you must be wary about such sales, as the dealer is unlikely to provide any after-sale services. If you have some grievances regarding your purchase, the dealer won’t be in a position to address them as he is no longer answerable to the company. In such a scenario, you will end up chasing the company officials for grievance redressal.

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Used Ambulances are old vehicles that have been specifically modified to transport any individual requiring immediate medical attention. The term ‘used ambulances’ may be understood as second hand ambulances that are offered for sale to the potential buyers who may be anyone – a hospital, a charitable organization, a municipality, a private clinic or any individual or organization concerned with running or managing a medical facility. In a general sense, used ambulances refer to specialized motor vehicles driven on road. These should not be confused with air ambulances or ambulance trains.

Why Choose Used Ambulances?

In comparison with new ambulances, used ambulances do offer some benefits. These include:

1. Budget Friendly: Money could be the biggest constraint when looking to buy well-equipped ambulances. You can easily expect to spend a few thousand dollars for a brand new ambulance. However, if you are on a budget, it may be hard to spend so much money on a new ambulance. It’s where the used ambulances come into the picture. Even if you are not on a budget, used ambulances can still prove an intelligent purchase. With drastically reduced prices, the used ambulances offer a value-for-money proposition for all concerned.

2. As Good As New: One thing that should always be kept in mind if looking to buy an ambulance is the fact that ambulances are one vehicle that is used rarely. Even if you frequently observe them on road, the fact is that they are pressed into service rarely, i.e., in emergency situations. So, most used ambulances on sale are as good as new ones. However, it’s prudent to get the used ambulance checked from a registered motor-vehicle engineer before buying.

3. Pre-Equipped: The used ambulances are already equipped with the necessary medical equipment and support devices. It’s not that the new ambulances are not equipped with the medical equipment, but it will save you extra money if you can find a used ambulance that has the equipment, which you specifically require and which is usually not available in the new ambulances. Often, the new ambulances are found lacking in the right equipment for your specific purposes. And usually, the buyers tend to install the equipment by spending extra bucks from their pocket. But a used ambulance with the desired equipment pre-installed can be a boon to those looking for a cost-effective option for their ambulance requirements.

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When you are buying your emergency medical supplies or EMS you need to make sure that you choose the most reliable medical supplies because this is an area which you cannot afford to take chances. Given the critical situations in which these supplies will be used, mistakes made here will be fatal. You will have to therefore pay extra attention while choosing and ordering your EMS.

Every organization should be stocked with the best quality emergency medical supplies. Though you may not be required to use these EMS supplies on daily basis, when the time comes to use them, you should be able to rely on them completely without any hesitation. When you are buying your EMS, you should check whether they are in usable condition and that they are not approaching the expiry dates so that you can store them for a long time. There are many brands of EMS in the market and there are many sources to order these products. You should choose both good brand and good supplier. You may choose the right brand if you do not choose the right supplier of EMS supplies, then you can never be sure of the genuineness of the products you are ordering.

It is also important to have your ambulances fully stocked with medical emergency supplies. Regularly check your EMS stocks in your ambulances so that you do not put people life at stake just because you have been careless about stocking your ambulances with emergency medical supplies.

Today you can order your emergency medical supplies online easily without having to drive around in the city looking for suppliers of EMS. When your stock level goes below a certain limit you should place your order online. Do not wait until you exhaust all your supplies because when you place your orders online, it takes sometime for the orders to be delivered. So give yourself enough lead time while order your emergency medical supplies.

It is not enough to regularly update your stocks and replacing the used items but you should also regularly check the expiry dates of all the medical supplies and put aside all the supplies that are approaching their expiry. You will not have time to check the expiry dates when you are attending a patient in emergency situation. If you happened to use expired products you will put the life of that person to stake. Also, you will also be subjecting yourself to unnecessary liability issues by using poor quality EMS or expired EMS. If you are the store in charge and responsible for stocking EMS, you should know that you have a very important responsibility entrusted to you. You cannot be careless or make mistakes with this responsibility. So pre-select your EMS brands and suppliers after careful review. Once you have a reliable list of brands and suppliers for your needs on EMS you will be able to place your orders regularly with the pre-selected vendors easily.

Do you have a used ambulance for sale? Are you not sure how to sell your used ambulance fast or where to find a customer? Traditionally, people advertised their used ambulance for sale in newspapers or approached a local second hand ambulance dealer. Though you will be able to sell your ambulance, through these methods, you have to wait for a considerable amount of time. If you want to dispose your ambulance quickly, then there is another faster way to do it and that is to advertise online.

Today most customers go online to find the products they want to buy. The same applies to buyers that are in search of used ambulance. They first go online to search for used ambulance before they approached any dealers locally. By advertising your used ambulance where your customers are searching for them, you can improve your chances of selling them faster.

As customers can search for their used ambulance right from their homes without having to spend a lot of time driving locally to find the best dealer to buy an ambulance that fits their requirements and budget, online search is becoming a popular way to source used ambulance.

Many may still have questions on where to advertise on the web because the internet is a big place. If you too have the same question, then one of the good places to start advertising your ambulance is local classifieds websites. There are even better places to advertise your website; rather than advertising in general classifieds websites, you need to find directories or an online market place such as Ambulancemarket.com. This will enhance the visibility level of your listing and get more prospective customers. Buyers that come to websites that focus specifically on buying and selling of used and new ambulance will come with very specific requirements and probably with immediate need to buy an ambulance. By listing your ambulance for sale in such a website you will improve the chances of selling your used ambulance very fast.

You do not have to wait in frustration and end up selling your ambulance for a very low price just because you could not find the right buyer. This happens to many sellers; after waiting for a long time to find the right buyer, they choose to sell their vehicles to the first buyer that is interested in their vehicle even if it means selling their vehicle at a very low price. When you have many prospective enquiries, you can choose to sell your ambulance to the best offer rather than selling it at a loss.

When you are advertising your ambulance for sale in websites such as Ambulancemarket.com, try to include the photo of your ambulance to increase traffic to your listing. Provide as much information as possible about your ambulance so that your buyers will not have too many questions in mind. Keep your ambulance descriptions as informative as possible and put yourself in the shoes of the buyers while creating your online listing.


Whether you are planning to buy an ambulance for your organization or for your health center, you need to make sure that you make the right choices. This will probably be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make for your organization as your choice will have serious repercussions down the line. If you do not make right choices, you will put number lives to serious risks. You need a 100% reliable ambulance with all the required features and facilities.

You will find various models in the market with wide range of features. There are many advanced model ambulances from the most trusted brands. You should first be clear about your own budget so that you can narrow down the options and pick an ambulance that fits your budget. Choosing the right ambulance is always not about the cost. There are many other factors that you need to take into consideration. If you are a health care center, you will need an ambulance with advanced medical care facilities. On the other hand if you are looking for an ambulance for your organization to help your employees reach the health care centers in a timely fashion and get the required medical attention fast, then you would not need an ambulance with advanced features but something that is basic but reliable.

Before you even start the actual shopping process, you should first find out the options available to you. Only when you familiarize yourself with all the options available to you, you can make well informed decision. The idea here is to get an ambulance with maximum features and facilities possible within your budget.

Even to set aside a reasonable budget for buying your ambulance you need to know the market price because if your budget is not realistic or if it is too low compared to the actual market prices, you will only be wasting a lot of time trying to find an ambulance that fits your budget. On the other hand if you know the market prices and notice that you cannot afford to increase your budget any further to buy a new ambulance, you will be able to opt for a used ambulance within your budget with out wasting your time. However, if you should consider a used ambulance, you should not be overjoyed just because you were able to find an ambulance at a very low price before you actually reviewed the vehicle thoroughly and made sure that the reliability level of the ambulance is not compromised in any way just because you are paying a low price. Remember that if you happen to get an unreliable ambulance, you will be facing liability issues if something should go wrong and spend lot more money paying compensations.

Find a reliable ambulance dealer that deals with both brand new ambulances and used ambulances. When you find a reliable ambulance dealer most of your problems will be solved so first contact the best ambulance dealer


Unfortunately, ambulance vehicles meet with accidents like other cars. Numerous stories about ambulance crash deaths appear every year pointing out the problem. Art Hsieh, Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Paramedic Association is convinced that there are several simple things that must be taken into consideration if we want to improve ambulance driving safety.
1. Drivers must be aware of the fact that new or used ambulance vehicle can be heavy, more difficult to control and more unstable than a usual car.
2. Make sure that all the seatbelts are in good order and use them when it is possible.
3. Vehicle manufacturers should develop the solution that can make it easier to buckle up. Thus the staff will have the possibility to remain restrained even when they are working on a patient.
4. Employers shouldn’t cut costs by decreasing salaries of ambulance drivers.
Art Hsieh notes that tragic stories will continue until we take appropriate measures and change our attitude to the matter.